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The process of attracting traffic to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the search rankings is search engine optimization or SEO. There is always a shortcut to everything but, as they say, there is no shortcut to success. There are techniques of search engine optimization which aim at short-term benefits and some that aim at a long-term investment. Search engine optimization of a website using techniques and tactics that are approved by the rules and policies of search engines is called White Hat SEO. On the contrary, resorting to methods that aren’t supported by the search engine policies and are often unethical, but produces the desired results is called Black Hat SEO or Spamdexing.

Note below, a list of methods to build White Hat Backlinks.

  • Internal Linking: A key tactic of building White Hat SEO is internal linking. It includes linking one page on a particular domain to another page on the same domain. This is a method used by site owners to tell search engines that the specific webpage content is essential. It helps in promoting old content; say if a newly published article talks about a genre of music and there was an old article about musical instruments, then the old content can be linked through the new one. The scope of further reading to visitors can help in the promotion of your website. Ways of link building can improve rankings for a given set of keywords. Say, if we want a particular page to rank for the keyword “Vegetarian restaurants in NY,” then this page can be linked to relevant anchor text. It signals the search engines that the webpage is relevant or useful for those keywords. Also, internal links can prove to be very helpful for search engines to crawl the website and index the pages much more efficiently.

  • The Use of Infographics and Guest Blogs to Build Authority Backlinks: Studies indicate that infographics top the list of most linked content. Visually appealing and most frequently shared over social media, infographics, when coupled with guest blogs can aid in achieving a good number of authority backlinks. Let’s understand how to accomplish this. Say if you are in the lady’s apparel industry, you can choose a topic related to changing trends in the industry based on a timeline. Now, gather as much information as you can and create an infographic based on the collected data. Publish this infographic on your website and ask guest bloggers to post a brief explanation about it. Include your website’s link in this post. Now, approach a site with similar content as yours, and offer them this infographic. This way, your infographics can help you in generating authority backlinks.


  • Your Content Must Attract the Audience of Your Audience: Your audience is expected to share and spread your content if it makes good sense to their audience. Now the question is why your audience will share the content with their audience? For example, if your content targets online music platform and it talks about some of the latest musical hits, then that will make a lot of sense for the online music platform owners to share the content with its customers as it will directly impact their top-line. Hence, a content that interests both the audience as well as the audience’s audience can draw a lot of traffic.


  • Ask For It: Ask your friends or colleagues if they can include the link to your website on their website. Maybe you will have to add the link to their sites on your website. Ask your clients, suppliers or distributors if they can put the link to your website in the footer of their website. The parties associated with your business would like you to succeed, as it would mean more business to them. Hence the scope of them allowing you to put your link on their site is pretty good. Another way could be offering testimonials to services you appreciate and trust, and get a link in return. It is advisable to write testimonials for high authority sites and domains. Sometimes, you might have to buy a service for the service provider to include your testimonials on their website. Authority sites command more traffic, hence, linking your site to such websites will automatically pull more traffic to your site. You might not realize which websites have linked to your website. Research and find out those domains. If relevant, forge a relationship with such site owners especially if they command authority in the industry. They might require guest bloggers, and you can potentially help. Remember to include a link to your site in your blogs.

  • Create Content that is Link-Worthy: Quality content is a crucial step in building white hat backlinks. There is no shortcut to great content. One needs to invest time, energy and efforts to pull out content that is worth sharing. If one writes original content, search engines would themselves help you get the exposure you deserve. Also, they can penalize duplicate content. High-quality content doesn’t only make a great website, but it is also an important tool to improvise your site’s search rankings. Some of the keys to great content are: Create original content, let your content offer solutions instead of only posing questions, make an actionable content, accurately source all the information, focus on strong headlines and create a content that is thought-provoking and engaging.


  • Hosting an Event Can Draw a Lot of Traffic: For example, a blood donation camp or an educational seminar. Events or contests can get people talking about the event you hosted and your business or organization. That automatically draws attention towards your website, hence aiding in the website’s search rankings. It can also help in getting links from your site’s social media followers. Another good idea would be to create a page for the event, and once the event is over, you can consider getting a 301 redirect from that event’s page to your site’s main page. Another means could be participating in an event say by delivering a speech or presentation. In the end, you can provide your website link to the audience and ask them to share. If the content on your website proves to be useful to the audience, then they can potentially share it further, allowing more and more traffic to your site. Sponsoring an event, if you don’t want to get into the trouble of organizing one, can also help in attracting the audience. This is also a popular form of promotion. This way you can ask the parties you have sponsored to link to your website.


  • Make Use of Broken Links: There must be a considerable number of websites that do not exist anymore but once commanded authority in their respective industries. Although the sites have shut down, there might be links that point to these websites. This can prove to be advantageous for you. The process is simple. Search for the broken links. Create a resource of similar or higher quality. Contact and inform the site owners about the broken links and offer the resource you created for free. This way, you can get a good number of authority backlinks.

There are many other methods of generating traffic through organic means, but content quality remains the key. So, focus on the right factors and get going!