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The field of SEO is vast, and a Private Blog Network (PBN) has been a prominent part of it. It is a cost-effective tool that helps in ranking websites in the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). Simply put, a PBN SEO plan gets operated by professionals, and it can help your site to rank high for the competitive keywords. If you want this SEO tactic to work, you should always seek help from qualified professionals.

However, not every PBN gets managed by professionals. You should do your research before you start investing in private blog networks if you want to reap the benefits. Always choose an authentic professional who will help you set a PBN as they will add value to your website and contribute to the success of the overall SEO strategy.


Understanding a Private Blog Network

Simply put, a PBN is a cluster of websites that an organization or an individual manages directly, and it is used to improve the backlink profile of a site. One person or an organization has direct control over this cluster of sites and monitors every link and content that gets published on these websites. A client’s website can get better ranking thanks to PBNs, irrespective of its objective, niche, and target keywords.

A PBN is perfect for:

In a nutshell, if Google can index it, a PBN will rank the same by offering total control over the backlink profile, link volumes, anchor text distributions and the frequency in which they get placed in the primary site.


The Relevance of PBN Backlinks Today

The value of an SEO strategy depends on its significance. Hence, in 2018 many people question if they should be adding in a PBN to their scope of operations. However, even today many marketers and companies depend on the PBN backlinks. They consider them to be highly useful in 2018. Google always tweaks its algorithms and scanning standards from time to time, but if you can monitor a PBN the correct way, it will stay undetected.

As long as backlinks are considered to be an essential factor for ranking, a PBN will have its value. You just need to ensure that there is no chance for Google to keep track of your sites.  The mechanic at work behind it is simple as well. The moment you purchase a PBN backlink, a private blog network quickly resumes complete relevance and control on the domains. It then channels it all to your site via link cluster and anchor texts that are selected carefully.

Furthermore, old private PBN’s also gain authority by staying undetected for a long time, which ensures that you get an immense boost on all the links that you decide to buy.

Entrepreneurs often wonder if PBN can fail. The answer to this question is this – the only possible way in which a PBN might or will fail to fetch value is when a private blog network owner, from whom you’ve purchased the PBN backlinks becomes careless and allows Google indexing. It is the reason why some of the expert professionals providing PBN support decide to stay anonymous. They get engaged in daily experiments as well to ensure that their client’s backlinks bring value to the website on an end-to-end basis.

Make sure that you don’t purchase any links from shoddy backlinks packs offered by the freelancers or from any Public Blog Networks. There are many reasons for the same. One of the majors is that they lack the resources to count on new ranking, cloaking and safety processes the way successful organizations do.


An Excellent and Bad PBN – What’s The Difference?

There are several ways to identify a good PBN over a bad one. Simply put, the low quality or bad PBN will not rank the website. On most occasions, it could also result in a penalty. On the other hand, a stable, standard and good PBN will effectively work towards ranking your page in the SERP’s. If you want to know for sure whether your PBN investment decision was good or bad, you will have to wait for a couple of months. However, there are some factors that can help you determine if you have made a good decision. They are as follows:


  • All Websites Get Listed in Various Registrars

You must have heard of the expression – “You get what you pay for.” If you purchase PBN links from a questionable service provider because you want to save some money, you may get low-quality PBNs. Are they buying domains in vast quantities? If yes, then you are in for a risk-driven investment.

To access this data is much simpler than you think. So, imagine that the majority of the links leading to your site belong to only one person. In these situations, Google RankBrain system alone is capable enough to find the whole process. If you don’t want to lose money because of working with service providers who prefer lazy practices in order to save time, you should choose a good PBN where the links have multiple registrars.


  • Investing in High-Quality, Original Content

Good content is one of the crucial indicators of good PBN. A decent and standard PBN will attribute a massive section of its costs to the initial content. It is because there are natural and essential linking scopes to the client’s site.


  • The Niched Websites and Relevance are Huge

Google algorithms often analyze the effectiveness of a backlink, and they take into consideration the anchor text and referring domain authority.  And there’s more! These algorithms also consider whether or not the web content has relevancy for your site. It’s one of the primary indicators of a decent PBN.


  • Stay Away From the Low-End PBN’s

Generally, a PBN of a low quality comes with several disadvantages. The first is that it has a shallow budget framework. Gradually, it can undercut the backlink capacity to a great extent. You might end up spending a significant amount of money for the unimpressive outcome because of the shady PBN owners who use the excuse that they want to save some time.  You should try at all cost stay away from this practice for your benefit.


  • Decent PBN’s Resort to High-Quality Hosting Service

It is yet another excellent trait of a high-quality product. When you decide to invest in useful PBN links, avoid low-quality service providers. Keep an eye on the hosting service used by the PBN professionals. The quality of the hosting service with determines their competence.

SEO practices are often the subject of many debates and discussion. There are several discussions on varying views about counting on PBN as an SEO tactic. If you take into consideration the factors that were mentioned above, you will be able to use the PBN to your advantage.