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Would you prefer higher ranks at the cost of traffic or would you like to have both good traffic and good ranks? You must have both because they are critical to your SEO results.  Inbound links to websites determine the domain authority and Google awards higher ranks to sites with higher DA that enhance SEO.  However, you have to gather quality links from quality websites if you want to earn Google’s confidence and make it see the real value of your site. Link building is quite important for companies that have the average monthly budget of between $10,000 and $50,000, which is indeed a lot of money. Spending this money is justified as it can provide an excellent return on investment.

When we talk about link building, it prompts us to discuss content marketing too because of the connection between the two processes. Quality content drives quality links provided you have the patience and perseverance to hold on to your strategy as you would start gathering authoritative links that impart value to your web pages.  Content marketing and link building are two strategies that work well together, and that you shouldn’t separate.

Knowing about the link building resources and the methods of accessing it for links is the topic of discussion of this article.


Earn The Right Links by Adapting Broken Link Strategy

At the beginning link building was easy because you could fall back upon Private Blog Networks (PBN) that maintained a steady supply of links to your websites and helped to push up organic rankings. Today, this is no more effective, and the risks are too high because attracting Google penalty can spell the doom of your SEO campaign. PBNs equate with manipulative SEO that you must avoid.

Broken link strategy pays back well as you can get plenty of quality links by substituting broken links detected on other websites with a link to your content that opens the gates for links flowing to it and your site. However, you must be ready with high-quality content to which the link points because unless you can improve the experience of webmasters, editors, and website owners you might not receive the expected response.


Target Links From Educational Sources

Whatever changes may have happened to link building, the values of links obtained from educational resources have remained the same. Content is the tool to use for attracting quality links by creating content that attracts links from education sites. If you can manage to obtain links from .edu websites which are usually very effective, you could experience a sudden jump in search rankings.  Although Google does not give educational links any extra weight, its value is as good as links obtained from any other authoritative domains. The educational websites have been there for a long time and have links with many other trusted sites which are reasons for its high authority. Since the quality of links dominates over quantity, a few educational websites in your ambit can work wonders in link building.


Create The Strategy For Outbound Links

Instead of concentrating on link building alone, take steps in improving the website authority by enhancing blog authority that encourages others to link to you.  As the process helps in acquiring links, it also helps to improve ranking.

Creating a strategy of linking out or creating outbound links consists of finding other authoritative websites that are relevant to your niche and sending out links from your page to some pages of those websites.  You are willingly linking with others whom you consider worthy of linking and start building relationships. This method of inviting incoming links follows the principle of reciprocity.


Use a Link Analysis Tool

Creating quality content and in enough quantity are conditions that you have to fulfill if you want a link building campaign that pays back.  There is no other way but to invest in content creation and promotion. It is not enough to devote all of your time and efforts to content creation because more emphasis on promotion is necessary to ensure that links start flowing to your website. Keep 30% time for content creation and the remaining 70% for promotion. However, it is critical to ensure that you receive the right type of links that justify your efforts in link building.

It is crucial to analyze links to ascertain its value by using some tool like Screaming Frog that also helps to start relationships with reporters and bloggers. The analysis report can point to the ways of bringing value for SEO to your website.

The best approach in link building is to increase the authority of your website by creating valuable content in adequate quantity.


Pursue Do Follow Links Only

It is true that the vast majority of links available for sharing are ‘do follow’ links, but you must not take things for granted. Links with ‘no follow’ tags do exist and you must stay away from such links because they don’t have any value. Search engines ignore ‘no follow’ links. However, the rule of the thumb is that if you get links from valuable websites, there is nothing to suspect because it is only poor quality links that are likely to have ‘no follow’ tags. Usually, such links come from press releases, blog comments, profile links and paid advertisements, none of which you would target for valuable links. Focusing on the source of the link should give you a fair idea about whether it could be a ‘no follow’ link.


Gather Links From Varied Websites

Too many links from a few selected or a single site could make Google suspicious about your link building activities. Moreover, the subsequent links that come from a website that sends multiple links have lesser value.  If your content is of high quality, it should attract people across the board and not from any particular site only. Therefore, you must target to acquire links from different websites instead of getting multiple links to form the same websites. Studies have shown that there exists a correlation between the number of sites linking to your website and Google rankings.


Guest Blogging Is An Excellent Way To Build Organic Links

Startups usually find link building difficult because of their ignorance about some easy ways of link building. Startups face a lot of competition in business and link building seems a burden to them. Taking to guest blogging is an easy way to give a boost to link building. As you contribute to industry blogs, it is possible to increase your link building speed many more times by repaying your brand. Guest blogging helps to establish authority while you gather quality links at the same time. Besides creating quality blogs, linking to other published guest posts help to enhance authority.

The heart of every link building campaign is connecting with people, and if you want to succeed, you must have excellent skills in building relationships through effective email outreach. Whatever activities you undertake, thrive on your ability to connect with people through emails for which you have to acquire the skill of writing effective emails that form the foundation of building relationships.